Orthodontics and Its Types

The lack of regularity and natural consistency of teeth is a nuisance in the lives of many, especially it accompanies many problems that accompany this defect, especially on the psychological side, as it weakens the confidence of its owner and prevents him from laughing or may have to hide his/her teeth. This also may cause speech problems and speed caries due to dental congestion and poor attachment to each other, here and when these symptoms appear, the orthodontist must intervene to repair the defect and return them to their proper organization again.

Transparent or invisible Orthodontic

Is the modern way to straighten teeth using three-dimensional computer technology, through which a set of transparent devices invisible manufacturing, made of transparent acrylic material, taken from a copy of the patient’s teeth, from which row of teeth and calendar without wires or metal blockers, Features:

  • Unlike the traditional hard Calendar, which leads to difficulty in eating and drinking and collect leftover food and plaque on the wires and metal braces which may result in tooth decay and gingivitis, the Calendar transparent wheelchair can wear it when eating and brushing your teeth, which reduces inflammation in the gums and Tsusat in the teeth and be more comfortable and practical in use.
  • Faster than the traditional calendar results, also reduces the time spent by the patient in the periodic visits to the dentist because there is no need to switch to metal wires the only edition of the teeth each time period.
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Orthodontic Hider

Distinguished from the normal calendar that wire and metal braces are placed behind the teeth and not in front of (the linguistic teeth).

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Colored Orthodontic

Is a normal calendar, but with different colors to give the mineral blockers in order to be suitable for children grainy.

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Orthodontic mobile

Generally used for children and Hoaslak flexible (Stainless Steel) Extenders with stabilizers wired and connected all the more aware NOAA plate acrylic removable from the mouth or when you need to clean the teeth.

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