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Because the mother is always generous, the offers will include mothers and their daughters as well. Welcome to all of you

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Offers cosmetic and dermatology clinics for Mother's Day
  • 20% discount on lip fillers
  • 20% discount on under-eye fillers
  • 15% discount on fillers for any area of the face
  • 15% discount on botox
  • 35% discount on all types of peeling.
  • 35% discount on freshness injections for the face (Hydrodilox, Hilulal, Plasma with Heronic Acid, Profilo, Stainescel).
  • 390 SAR for laser session only.
  • Only 400 riyals to clean the skin with hydrafacial and the freshening mask.
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Dental Clinics Offers

Cleaning and polishing with laser whitening with whitening molds for 1400 riyals only (laser and molds)

Original cosmateic brands

We use original and licensed products internationally and locally, because we care about the health and skin of our customers, so the beauty and freshness of our customers’ faces is what we always strive to achieve.

Dr. Irena, a plastic surgeon and dermatologist at Happy Smile, explains to us the most famous filler brands in the world: Juvederm – Novia – Restylin – Radias – Politoro – Perfecta used in the Happy Smile Center, where we use the best and most distinctive filters from every sunset or brand. All of these products are internationally licensed and considered among the strongest, most used and safest products.

(Our special offers are limited in time, you can book the appointment now for a later time, unfortunately the offers cannot be used after the date expires, we thank you for your understanding)