Good news for clients Happy Smile

Happy Smile offers its former customers a VIP membership card, this card will give its holders a permanent discount on all Happy Smile services with a value of 20%, not only that, but everyone who owns this membership will get points for every payment of a bill at the Happy Smile Center, these points can be used to request Free services

Terms and VIP membership information
  • Through the offer, you will get a permanent discount for a year of 20% on the bill.
  • For any offer available in the center, the higher value of the discount will be approved (for example: if the center has a 15% offer on a service, the discount value available for membership will be 20%, as it is the highest).
  • When paying any service bill with Happy Smile, points will be added to your account at the center, and you can later use these points to purchase other services for free.
  • The subscription fee for the Gold Membership Card is 100 riyals only.
  • You must contact us via WhatsApp at 0560011171 to book an appointment, and immediately after the appointment, a VIP membership card will be obtained in addition to the points.
  • All the points information can be found through the Happy Smile reception staff.
  • The number of membership cards is limited, so please quickly reserve your card now by contacting us by phone or WhatsApp.

Book your membership card now by visiting Happy Smile Center

You can also contact us to book your appointment for any of the cosmetic services available to us

Mobile and WhatsApp: 0560011171
Phone: 0112405659

Why Happy Smile

The products we use

The products used by us at the Happy Smile Center are among the most important cosmetic products in the world, as they are internationally and locally licensed as they are of the finest types, for example: Juvederm
All products are of high reputation and licensed internationally and locally

The latest Cosmetic and Freshness devices

We have provided in Happy Smile the latest German and American devices with international certificates of excellence, which are used in cosmetic and dermatological clinics around the world because the results they provide are highly efficient, all of which are available today in Happy Smile.

An elite of specialized medical personnel

Dermatologists and cosmetologists with high scientific specializations and long experience in the field of cosmetology

The Happy Smile Center brings together a group of specialized medical personnel with a high level of qualification and experience. The center is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental and dermatological technology, including devices and equipment.

Videos and advice of doctors Happy Smile