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Body Care Clinic

The clinic provides polishing and carving service, accumulation of fat in face and neck treatment, tighten tics in abdomen and arms, as well as chest tightening, skin cracks and lightening body color.

Laser Clinic

At Happy Smile Center, we are keen to provide all the latest most secure technologies, to ensure you get the best result in the least number of sessions possible.

Cosmetic and dermatology clinic

The clinic provides Botox and Filler injection, in addition to collagen, plasma, mesotherapy and fractional laser. The department is supervised by cosmeticians and dermatologists.

Dental clinic

We offer dental implants, gum treatment, orthodontics of all types (transparent, invisible, colored, moving) crowns, cosmetic bridges, as well as teeth whitening and treatment.

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Happy Smile Center
Our Departments
We offer cosmetic services

– Filler and Botox injections
– Plasma Therapy (PRP)
– Hair loss treatment
– Treatment of common skin diseases
– Face lift with Haifu device
– Treatment of birthmarks and skin pigmentation
– Treatment of skin cracks and weight loss after pregnancy
– Treatment of excessive sweating
– Acne Treatment
– Chemical peeling
– Treatment of dark circles around the eye
– Fractional Laser treatment
– Skin aging treatment
– Mesotherapy injection

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