Crowns and Drawbridges

Is a fixed combination in the mouth and teeth mounted on the cover loss or place large fillings cover to protect the teeth of the fracture and the patient can not remove it from his own mouth and her many types depending on the situation and the requirements of the patient’s cosmetic, including


It is manufactured with a computer connected to a high-precision carving machine and a 3D technique. Zircon is a hard metal that is resistant to breakage and has colors similar to the natural color of the teeth. Zircon is mainly a precious metal used to made jewels, in addition to its high resistance, Zircon is fully biologically compatible, making it increasingly used in the medical field (fingers – joints). Its high transparency and the possibility of coloring it with the colors of ivory teeth and its techno-biological characteristics made it bio-compatible and of high quality in the field of cosmetic dentistry and transplant compensation.

cirzonium ox before after
Allimonner or contact lenses

Faces are beautifying ultra-thin placed over the natural teeth to get white teeth whiter and consistent smile Holyodah without pain or anesthesia or drilling is the latest technique for Cosmetic Dentistry.

الفينير واللومينير 730x370 1

Faces ceramic cosmetic repair faulty front teeth of breaks or defects or decay or fillings to get a nice and bright smile.

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The risk that the installation of the bridge

When one tooth extractions without compensation place the teeth surrounding it presents to slide toward the vacuum and affect the other hand, the age of the vacuum and this deformation process most of the teeth and jaw hurt and make it more difficult and costly treatment.