Filler Injection

The dermatology clinic diagnoses and treats skin diseases under the supervision of a consultant medical staff and with the latest equipment. The clinic also provides many services related to the skin and cosmetics, such as filler injections, collagen injections, plasma injections, mesotherapy which includes hair mesotherapy, skin mesotherapy, body mesotherapy, fractional laser, and we will provide you A simple explanation about the filler injection service here.

Why Filler

With age and a lack of collagen in the body, psychological problems and stress, in addition to wrong daily practices such as smoking and others, wrinkles and unwanted marks on the face appear on the body as a whole and on the skin and face in particular. Filler or filler injection is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, whereby a specific substance is injected in order to re-fill and fill certain places to restore volume and remove wrinkle lines and signs of aging in order to rejuvenate and revitalize the face. And whoever performs this procedure can see the results and notice the difference immediately after the completion of the filler injection