Happy Smile Medical Center

Happy Smile Dental Center of Excellence and leather seeks to provide its services to meet the ambitions to obtain skin young and healthy and happy smile and bright you certainly deserve. Center brings together a group of specialized medical staff, which has a high level of qualification and experience level. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology and leather devices and equipment.

Cosmetic and Dermatology Clinics

Cosmetic and dermatology clinics: offering cosmetic services and dermatology treatments by specialists, including Filler injections, Plasma Therapy (PRP), Hair loss treatment, Treatment of common skin diseases, Facelift with Haifu device, Treatment of birthmarks, and skin pigmentation, Treatment of skin cracks and weight loss after pregnancy, Treatment of excessive sweating, Acne Treatment, Chemical peeling, Treatment of dark circles around the eye, Fractional Laser treatment, Skin aging treatment, Mesotherapy injection

Specialized Dental Clinics

We provide you with all dental services by specialists, including Construction of damaged teeth and make them as natural as before with nanotechnology porcelain inlays, Cosmetic implants on the front and back teeth, Polishing teeth to remove the external surface roughness and give them sparkle and attractiveness, Removal of internal and non-deep pigments in one session, Porcelain inlays with nano-ceramic technology for all teeth and ensuring that they will not fall, High-quality teeth whitening in the clinic, in household molds, and by laser.